Nicole Laby’s formative training as a vocalist began in her early 20’s, utilizing classical skills as a solid foundation for the development of alternative vocalizations. Further influences came from her travels in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, where she drew inspiration from environments, cultures, and native music. Prior to founding Frances8, Nicole performed as a solo artist and in the band See Jane Run. Her side project WaterSaw–an ensemble creating music for modern dance choreography–won the Isadora Duncan Award for Outstanding Achievement in Music/Sound/Text.

Revi Airborne-Williams has played the violin and viola since childhood, in a multitude of styles beginning with classical and ranging through various forms of European folk music, klezmer, jazz, rock n roll, and American roots music. She most enjoys collaboration and improvisation with other musicians and dancers, and loves music for being the universal language of all humans.

Mark Fassett has performed on guitar in rock, funk, folk and indie rock bands, including Fat Man’s Picnic, Inglas, Liquid State and Particle Salad, and on bass as part of  WaterSaw,  Entamoeba, and the ambient chamber music ensemble Kevin Keller Trio. He records and releases music as both Mark Fassett and The Rewilders, available on streaming services. He loves using the guitar to create texture and sonic ear candy.

Jason Roberts is a veteran practitioner of the low-end arts, having played both upright and electric bass in venues throughout New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area. He has performed with the Stepford Sons, Esperanto, the Sutros, and Lady May & the Working Days, and is a longtime accompanist/collaborator with singer/songwriter Drew Pearce.